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56° exists to help people understand and make better-informed decisions. We communicate facts and explain options. We engage people and give them a sense of direction. 56° is a brand of Standard Life

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Some of the most important decisions people will ever make are ones they're least likely to understand. If they don't understand, they can't make informed decisions. And the key to understanding is engagement.

And that's what 56° is all about.

See what we do

What we do

The logistical challenge

Handling the logistical challenge

This client has an incredibly diverse workforce of over 4,000 people - 20% of whom work from home, while the remainder are based in 22 locations nationwide.

Any communication we developed would need to be flexible, quick and easy to roll-out.

A survey of sample employees revealed poor financial understanding, with employees rating their average pensions knowledge 6/10.

Committed to ensuring financial wellbeing of staff, our team was challenged to:

  • Encourage at least 5% of those outside any Company pension plan to voluntarily enrol
  • Raise awareness of pensions amongst ALL employees
  • Create a confident, empowered, financially savvy workforce


Two clear aims:

educate and empower

900 employees

reached through 30+ face-to-face
and online sessions

Targeted messages

- online and offline extending the client's
existing media capabilities

Three month, multi-channel campaign

- from posters to employee-led video content and
digital displays.


of surveyed employees said:

  • Communications were engaging and easy to understand
  • Digital tools were useful for learning and planning


of staff now convinced their pension is important

A creative approach

A creative approach

There was a change in the benefits on offer and as such a need to increase awareness and understanding.

The challenge was to make sure we reached a wide audience reach – with a clear deadline for action. There was a change in the benefit on offer and as such a need to increase awareness and understanding.

The key areas of focus:

  • Inform that there was a new arrangement coming into place
  • Educate about new payment levels and investment options



A creative concept deployed over
a three-phase campaign

Posters and flyers
Managers briefing packs
Pop-up banners
Direct email to employees
Face-to-face seminars

Highlight the value

of the benefits on offer



elected to take action and join


made an active investment decision

Keep it going

Keep it going

We work with clients to deliver long-term engagement plans. It’s about helping employees understand the benefits that they are provided with. And how they can make the most of them, no matter the stage of life.

Every employer has different needs. Each has a range of employees at different stages. There’s no two exactly the same. We work with each client to understand their business, their priorities and their messages. Together we agree a collaborative engagement plan – using regular communications as well as one-off campaigns. All based on our skills and experiences of what works and the employer’s insight into their workforce.



…like a statement insert

100% increase

in digital engagement

Full-suite campaign…

..across multiple channels

Consistent growth

in website usage during and after
campaign period

See how we do it

How we do it

We understand how important it is to make sure people are informed and engage with your business – either as customers or colleagues.

Our multi-disciplined team get great things done. A rich blend of skills and experience – built on our marketing background from a range of businesses.

We look forward to working with you.

Helping you navigate through

Compelling ongoing targeted communications across the lifetime of your scheme managed by 56° and delivered by Standard Life and authorised third-parties.

Member profiling
Ready-made and bespoke campaigns
Bespoke branding
Worksite presentations

Digital innovation and personalisation
Social media and nudge communications
Guides and tools

Fees may apply depending on your requirements.

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